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Moving House or Property?

If you’re looking for a budget removal service you will have probably looked into hiring a van. In doing so you will have noticed that the costs involved are expensive (what costs aren’t when you’re moving house!?).  On top of this though it would also be recommended that you consider the following:

Domestic House Removals provide all of the above along with the specialist removals van. There’s no cancellation costs or deposit to lose if your move gets delayed. We will also:

What makes Domestic House Removals the perfect removals solution?

In 30 years we really have been everywhere and seen it all in the domestic removals industry.  We often find that quality experience is the difference between a good removal company and a bad one and that’s something we have in abundance.

At Domestic House Removals we exclusively use Luton Vans with Tail Lifts. These can carry loads of up to 3.5 tonnes and if packaged correctly can fit large amounts of furniture and transport in it more safely and securely than larger lorries. That doesn’t mean however that we can only do jobs where all the furniture fits in a Luton van. There’s a simple solution to that – we either send 2/3 Luton vans if there is a considerable distance involved or for short hop removals we do multiple trips in the same Luton van. Both of these options are far cheaper than hiring a larger lorry and can also be more convenient for the customer. For example there’s no risk of your garden tools and plants being on the same van load as your bedroom furniture!

We take genuine pride in the service we offer and constantly strive to ensure we provide you with the best house removals service possible service with the managing director of Domestic House Removals attending most of the removals himself, to make sure it all runs as smoothly as possible!

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